Hot spring

Warmth of "Hina"

Limpid and smooth skin.
The breeze that blows hot water through the thickets gently shakes.
In the morning, listen to the birdsong and look at the starry sky at night, soaking in an onsen on each times.

Open Air Bath of Room

To help every guest relax and enjoy a soothing bath without reserve, every room features its own outdoor private onsen bath. Dusk, midnight, dawn... And each seasons. Gaze out over the view of Lake Akan as time flows by, and let the hot spring waters soothe your body. Enjoy the luxury of your own private onsen to your heart's content.

About Room

Open Air Bath of Room

Open Air Bath of Room

Public Bath

Public Bath 石室の湯 銀の雫

An indoor bath made of hewn stone, which is characterized by a smooth and gentle touch. A bath of just the right size, not too wide or too narrow, will allow you to slowly enjoy the hot spring. There is also a hot stone sauna next to the public bath.

Place on the 6th floor
Bath Indoor Onsen and Hot Stone Sauna(lay-down bath)
Time Women's : 16:30 - 22:00
Men's : 22:30 - 11:00 the following next morning

*Unavailable in the time slot from 22:00 to 22:30 the following for changing baths of men and women's bath.

Public Bath 石室の湯 銀の雫

Public Bath

Public Bath 石室の湯 金の弓

"石室の湯 金の弓" which is located on the 7th floor, overlooking the shores of Lake Akan. The light coming in through the trees illuminates the pale turbid water and reflects a fantastic scene that shines brilliantly. There is also a hot stone sauna next to the public bath.

Place on the 7th floor
Bath Outdoor Onsen, Indoor Onsen, and Hot Stone Sauna(sit-down bath)
Time Men's : 16:30 - 22:00
Women's : 22:30 - 11:00 the following next morning

*Unavailable in the time slot from 22:00 to 22:30 the following for changing baths of men and women's bath.

Public Bath 石室の湯 銀の雫

Usage Guidance
Hot spring water quality Simple hot springs
(Old name…Simple thermals)
Effects Recovery from fatigue, Neuralgia, Muscular Rheumatism, chronic arthritis, etc...
  • ■Shampoo
  • ■Conditioner
  • ■Body soap
  • ■Skin toner and Milky lotion
  • ■Cleanser
  • ■Hair tonic
  • ■Cotton
  • ■Cotton swabs
  • ■Hair band
  • ■Shower cap
  • ■Hair brush
  • ■Hair comb
  • ■Shaver
  • ■Toothbrush

Usage Guidance

Spa Treatment of Room

Spa Treatment of Room

Marine relaxationMarine relaxation

Products that contain blessings of the sea and such systems, which are the origins of life, promote healthy, beautiful skin. Enjoy a luxurious rural break amid the lakeside forest, with products made from naturally-derived ingredients from the sea and its natural environment, which are gentle on the skin.

Opening Time: 15:00 - 23:30

Facial course

Facial course
Algo Refresh
40 min. / ¥8,250 [In Tax]
Remove unwanted dead skin by means of meticulous cleansing, for a refreshing, one-tone-lighter finish.
Algo Special
70 min. / ¥19,250 [In Tax]
Global aging care to improve the smoothness, resilience, suppleness and transparency that ideal natural skin possesses. Restore healthy, beautiful skin by means of pre-aging care, aging care or brightening care according to your skin type and condition.
Marine beauty
90 min. / ¥25,300 [In Tax]
Escape from everyday life with the finest spa treatment. Relieve both physical and mental stress by means of head-to-toe total marine relaxation.

Body course

Body course
Marine Foot
40 min. / ¥8,250 [In Tax]
A footcare course in which exfoliation cream made from seaweed components is used to make the skin smoother before the feet are massaged.
Marine Silhouette
50 min. / ¥13,750 [In Tax]
A gel massage and pack utilizing exfoliating seaweed extracts on parts of the body line you're concerned about. The seaweed components, which promote detoxification, fat metabolism promotion and replenishment of various minerals, are also effective in toning up the body line.
Marine Deep Blue Massage
70 min. / ¥19,250 [In Tax]
Reduce swelling and promote the excretion of waste products from within the body by means of a massage that utilizes marine blue oil formulated from seaweed extracts. In addition, tone-up cellulite, fat and body parts you're concerned about, with a treatment tool cup.


Options 20 min. / ¥4,400 [In Tax]
Seaweed ball Effective in increasing lipid metabolism and improving swelling by helping to discharge moisture and waste.
Gypsum pack Helps improve metabolism, blood circulation, smoothness of skin and relief of stiff muscles
Eye and lip masks Refresh eyes and lips with cool, comfortable masks.
Head spa massage Known to invigorate lymph circulation, gather and discharge waste, lift facial muscles and reduce stress.
Exfoliation Removes hard, dry skin from heals and the like.

*All prices include Tax.
*Menu options or prices may change without prior notice.
*Cancellation Policy : Please notice that we will charge 100% cancellation fee if you cancel the reservation on your arrival day.
*Customers during pregnancy, it will be a burden on your body so we refuse treatment.
*The treatment of our shop is intended for relaxation and not a medical practice.